Franklinville Inn
This old hostelry was once a well-known stagecoach stop in Little Ease (now Franklinville). Just when this sturdy building was erected, no one seems to know, but it was before 1826, for on March 8, 1826 Phebe Cake petitioned to have the license continued.

It once had a large cook house adjoining the tavern with an immense cook stove. Shelves lined two walls with all things ready and necessary for a meal. Crocks stood full of preserves, mince-meat, jams and jellies. In the old smoke house hung hams, beef and meat galore. The old wagon sheds and water trough for horses disappeared along with the other out-buildings around the 1920's.

(Privately Owned)

At the intersection of N.J. Route 47 and County Road 538, Franklinville