Consumer Related Site Links

Knowing your rights before or after you engage in a transaction is extremely important to ensure that you are not treated unlawfully. Many organizations have created their own Home Pages to which consumers can turn to for discussions and explanations of their rights. Our suggestions are as follows:

Although we have reviewed some of the content of the links provided,the Gloucester County Office of Consumer Protection does not in any way assure the accuracy of the information provided within the following links.

New Jersey Home Contractors: Do you have a question, issue or complaint against a contractor not located in Gloucester County? Assistance may be available from the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs. 
The Consumer Resource Guide: Consumer World ® is a public site which has gathered over 1700 of the most useful consumer resources on the Internet. This is a lot of information to search, have fun.
United States Federal Trade Commission: The FTC is the main branch of the federal government that handles consumer protection matters. This is a great page for a vast array of information.
United States Postal Inspector Service: The USPIS site provides information on mail-related fraud and a broad collection of other consumer fraud issues. This Home Page covers topics including telephone solicitation, employment schemes, personal finance schemes, free vacation scams and much more.
United States Consumer Information Center: The USCIC makes available the Consumer Information Catalog - a catalog of federal booklets on a wide range of consumer topics- from the Pueblo, Colorado location.
Better Business Bureau: Through the BBB New Jersey Home Page you can access any BBB office in the United States or Canada. You can also file a complaint, learn about current scams, find publications, and obtain reports on charities and companies.
Consumer Law Center: The Consumer Law Center bills itself as the "nation's consumer law expert" and provides many useful tips for non-lawyer consumers.
National Association of Attorneys General: Attorneys General Office's in other states are provided to assist you if you have a complaint regarding a company located, or transaction that took place in that State. You may wish to learn more about your rights under the laws of that state, or file a complaint.
Consumer Reports Online: This site provides you with many individual reports on autos, appliances and a wide variety of consumer items available in the market place. This site also provides links to many other consumer organizations both local and abroad.
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration: This site provides you with a list of any and all vehicle recalls and penalties assessed.
Consumer Product Safety Commission: This site provides you with a list of any and all current safety recalls and current products under investigation.  This site not only connects you to the CPSC web-site, but those of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the Environmental Protection Agency, the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the U.S. Coast Guard.