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May 22, 2018

Several residents have been the victim of scam faxes, including me at the Consumer Affairs office. The scam comes in several forms, but have the same come-on, the scam starts something like this; "My name is David Rofes, a private financial advisor; actually I got your contact information from your country's public archive while searching for a last name homogenous to my late client's name Thomas Spence, Jr."

That's pretty strange since my name is Harold Spence, Jr.

It goes onto say that he has a large sum of money to give me $9.3M with a safe security company in Spain. I assures me that once I secure the money he an I will split it 50-50. The one I received states the company is Gestor Assurance, the other one sent to me by a county resident is, Sunrise Private Practice and the same exact logo at the top of the page. The phone numbers are different, but they can change those everyday if they want.

My point is that I urge not to respond to these scams and simply through them/shred them and ignore them. Additionally, you can send the information to the FTC to bring it to their attention as well at but either way, Do Not Respond to these scam artists.

Any county resident who may have questions, please feel free to contact us at Consumer Affairs, 856-384-6855.