Community Presentations

The Health Education Program provides speakers and presentations on a wide variety of topics to groups of all sizes.  Some of the available presentations include:

  • “A Nation in Pain – Arthritis in the US” – Arthritis is one of the most prevalent chronic health problems in the United States. This presentation explains the different types of Arthritis, and ways to reduce pain and inflammation. 
  • “Be Prepared for your Doctor Visit” – Highlights the steps that everyone should take before, during and after a doctor’s visit, and emphasizes the importance of preventative care.
  • “Clean Hands Rule!” – A school aged presentation that illustrates where germs hide the most, and stresses the significance of proper hand washing and covering your cough.
  • “Emergency Preparedness 101” - The time for planning for an emergency should not be when it is happening. Learn the steps you can take to protect your family, loved ones and pets.
  • “Family Nutrition and Fitness” - In a fast paced world were families have so many responsibilities learn how to remain and achieve a healthy lifestyle through proper nutrition and family activities.
  • “Healthy Parenting” – Becoming a new parent is challenging. In this presentation you will learn how to keep you and your baby healthy, and learn about county resources available to help guide you.
  • “Overview of Services Provided by GCDHSS” – The Gloucester County Department of Health and Senior Services offers a variety of programs free to its residents. This presentation provides an overview of what our services can provide.
  • “Portion Distortion” - Discusses the importance of maintaining a healthy weight through portion control and exercise.
  • “Senior Fitness and Wellness”- A healthy lifestyle can be achieved at any age. Learn the benefits of exercise to prevent chronic conditions and what we can do to help you achieve your goals.
  • “Summer Safety” – Learn about the proper safety techniques you and your family can take while outdoors during the hot summer months
  • “The History of Pandemics” - Every fall physicians recommend receiving the influenza vaccine. The goal of this presentation is to give participants a better understanding of the importance of the flu vaccine and how it has shaped our past, present and future.
  • “Wellness Discount Program” – Find out how you and your family can save money on prescription drugs, hearing and vision exams, dental care, diabetic supplies and much more!

For more information contact

Carla Kephart
Health Educator
(856) 218-4106