Both the Farmland and Open Space Preservation Programs are funded partially through grants administered by the State Agriculture Development Committee and the New Jersey Green Acres Program.  In November 2014 the voters of New Jersey approved the establishment of a new permanent State funding source for preservation efforts, and as a result Gloucester County is now receiving State funding for both the Farmland and Open Space Preservation Programs on an annual basis. 

Gloucester County also uses a voter-supported County Open Space Tax for land preservation acquisitions.  The original 1-cent tax to fund the County's preservation efforts was overwhelming approved by a two thirds majority vote by residents in 1993.  The voters again approved an additional 1-cent supplement to the County fund in 2000, passed by the same majority.  In 2004 voters approved an additional 2-cent supplement to the fund, indicating their support of the County's land preservation efforts. 

In addition the Freeholder Board has passed a number of bond acts over the years as needed to supplement the County fund.  By implementing this proactive tactic, which required no new taxes to be imposed on the County's residents, the Freeholder Board has been able to ensure our landowners settle with Gloucester County first; not developers.