Summer Programs
Coming in 2018!
We offer a variety of summer programs for residents of Gloucester County New Jersey.   Non-residents are accepted if space is available at the end of registration period. Programs generally start the first Monday after July 4th. The following is a list of programs being offered. For more information call 856-251-6710.

Nature Detectives
Nature Detectives day camp at the Scotland Run Park Nature Center, introduces children to the outdoors and environment.  Each week explores different topics through outdoor activities, nature walks, crafts, videos, stories and music. The Nature Detective Day Camp has four different week-long adventures.  Please note the dates and the age levels.  All camps are Monday through Friday from 9am to 3pm.  Child should bring insect repellant, sunblock, a change of clothes, water to drink, lunch and wear sturdy shoes. Fee $100 per child.   
Monday through Friday

Introduction to Nature
(ages 6 to 10 years old)
July 9 through July 13 (class N-1)  
a. Discovering Nature:  Scavenger Hunt
b. Amazing Animals
:  Animal tracking
c. Green Wonders
: Plant ID
d. Water Follies
Lake Study
Lilliput Land:  Insect Safari

People and the Environment (ages 8 to 10 years old)
July 16 through July 20 (class N-2)
a. The Art of Nature: Explore Nature through the arts.
b. Nature’s Neighborhoods
: Visit a field and a forest habitat
c. Cycles of Life:  “Cycle of Life” walk
d. Natural Beginnings: Natural resource walk
e. Back to the Future: Tour the “Back to Nature Trail”

Lifelong Nature Skills (ages 11 to 14 years old)
July 23 to July 27 (class N-3)
a. Backyard Habitats: Learn to create a home for wildlife
b. Plant Craft: Use plants in your everyday life.
c. Watershed Fun:  Prepare to get wet!
d. Canoe Adventure: Paddle a canoe and explore the Lake
e. Beauteous Birds: Go on a bird walk

Introduction to Nature (ages 6 and 7 year olds.)
July 30 through August 3 (N-4)
a. Discovering Nature Scavenger Hunt
b. Amazing Animals
Animal tracking
c. Green Wonders Find out about plants
d. Water Follies Lake Study
e. Lilliput Land Insect Safari

Tennis Lessons
James G. Atkinson Memorial Park in Partnership with Riverwinds Golf & Tennis Club
Please register with Nancy Wilkins at RiverWinds Golf and Tennis Club 856-848-5700 ext, 102
All youth classes cost $90
All Adult classes & match play cost $100
Make checks payable to RiverWinds Golf & Tennis

Youth Session 1                                            Adult Session 1
7/9-7/26                                                        7/9-7/25
Class T1:  July 9-25                                      Class T9:  July 9-25
Mon. & Wed. 9-10:30                                 Mon. & Wed. 6:30-8 pm
Beginner 6-12 yr. olds                                Beginner 16 yrs. +

Class T2:  July 9-25                                      Class T10:  July 9-25
Mon. & Wed. 10:30-12                              Mon. & Wed. 8-9:30 pm
Intermediate 9-15 yr. olds                         Intermediate 16 yrs. +

Class T3:  July 10-26                                   Adult Session 2
Tues. & Thurs. 9-10:30                               7/30-8/15
Beginner 6-12 yr. olds                                Class T11:  July 30-August 15
                                                                       Mon. & Wed. 6:30-8 pm
Class T4:  July 10-26                                   Beginners 16 yrs. +
Tues. & Thurs. 10:30-12
Intermediate 9-15 yr. olds                        Class T12:  July 30-August 15
                                                                       Mon. & Wed. 8-9:30 pm
Youth Session 2                                          Intermediate 16 yrs. +
Class T5:  July 30-August 15                      Match Play
Mon. & Wed. 9-10:30                                 7/10-8/16
Beginner 6-12 yr. olds                               Class T13:  July 10-August 16
                                                                       Tues. & Thurs. 6:30-8 pm
Class T6:  July 30-August 15                     High School J.V. & Varsity Match Play 13-18 yrs.
Mon. & Wed. 10:30-12
Intermediate 9-15 yr. olds                        Class T14:  July 10-August 16
                                                                       Tues. &Thurs. 8-9:30 pm
Class T7:  July 31-August 16                      Adult Int./Adv. Match Play 19 yrs. +
Tues. &Thurs. 9-10:30
Beginner 6-12 yr. olds

Class T8:  July 31-August 16
Tues. & Thurs. 10:30-12
Intermediate 9-15 yr. olds


Theatre Work Shops
8 yrs. to 17 yrs.  Children, working at one of three levels, are given the opportunity to develop a basic understanding and appreciation of the performing arts.
Children audition for parts after preparation. All children are included in a play. Children will be given the opportunity to develop a basic understanding of and appreciation for the performing arts.
Instruction, games, exercises and improvisation will be included. Emphasis will be on acting skills with an overview of technical work.  Every child will have the opportunity to perform.  The directors will select the roles.  The workshop will include the preparation for performances.  Admittance to all performances is free.
For more information call 856-589-0047.

Boys/Girls, Ages 8 - 12
Classes A-1 and A-2 will be divided into separate groups.  One group will prepare a short musical; the other groups will prepare a one-act play. Five weeks of instruction/rehearsal.

Theater Class A-1
Fee:  $150/child
(five weeks, 9 to 12noon)                             
June 25 through July 28
No class July 4  

Instruction/rehearsal at Logan Elementary School
110 School Lane, Logan Township     

Theater Class A-2

Fee: $150/child   (five weeks, 9 to 12 noon)
July 9-August 11

Instruction/rehearsal at G.C.I.T.
1360 Tanyard Road, Sewell
Performance Dates/Location:
August 9-11
Rowan College at Gloucester County Fine Arts Auditorium

Boys/Girls, Ages 13-17
Class A-3 will include the preparation of a musical.

Theater Class A-3
Fee:  $150/child
(six weeks, 9 to 12 noon)
July 10- August 18
Instruction/rehearsal at G.C.I.T
1360 Tanyard Road, Sewell
Performance Dates/Location:  
August 16-18  
Rowan College at Gloucester County Fine Arts Auditorium

History Camp
H1- July 16-20
H-2 August 13-17
ages 7-12
At The Whitall Garden, Red Bank Battlefield Park
Watch History come alive! Come join us for a week of hands-on Colonial History. See what it was like to be a child during the 1700's. Enjoy days full of games and activities.

June 2, 2018
Gloucester County Store
Deptford Mall, 2nd Floor, next to Boscov’s
10am to 12pm

Registration after June 2nd:
Gloucester County Parks and Recreation
Shady Lane Complex
254 County House Road
Clarksboro, NJ 08020