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GC Anti-Crime Partnership

The Gloucester County Prosecutor’s Office embraces a community policing/prosecution approach to preventing crime. It recognizes that the best solutions involve community participation in this process. The anti-crime partnership includes stakeholders from the community. By bringing together law enforcement, government officials, school representatives, clergy and residents to discuss community issues, a consensus can be reached that includes everyone’s ideas and opinions.

The Prosecutor’s Office holds meetings in various communities every other month. These meetings entail identifying issues or concerns within the community. Once the issues have been identified, the group will engage in problem solving to determine the best course of action to address the problem. Examples of community issues may include drug activity, truancy, graffiti, housing issues, gangs, summer youth activities, code enforcement and traffic problems. Any issues which negatively impact the quality of life in a given neighborhood can be discussed.

If you would like more information about the anti-crime partnership, please call Prosecutor Dalton at (856)384-5534.