Mission of the Trial Section

At the core of the responsibilities and duties of the Gloucester County Prosecutor's Office is the representation of the State in the criminal proceedings that follow the return of an Indictment by the Grand Jury.  The goal of the Trial Section is to zealously seek the expeditious and just disposition of criminal indictments in a fair and professional manner such that the guilty shall not escape nor the innocent suffer.  Each workday, Assistant Prosecutors assigned to the Superior Court - Law Division, Criminal Part perform a broad array of litigation functions that are critical to the operation of the criminal justice system.  Central to this role is the preparation and prosecution of jury and non-jury trials.

Assistant Prosecutors assigned to the Trial Section also represent the State in a variety of other court proceedings including arraignment/status conferences, pre-trial and post-trial motions, sentence hearings, hearings on violations of probation, appeals from municipal courts, appeals to the Appellate and Supreme Courts, retraxit pleas of guilty to indictments, and petitions for post-conviction relief. 

Additionally, Assistant Prosecutors assigned to this section are responsible for the arguing of interlocutory appeals before the Appellate Division of Superior Court during trial, the periodic review of status of persons committed to State psychiatric institutions incident to criminal proceedings, and the determination of the geographic scope of extradition efforts to be undertaken in the event a defendant absconds.

There are presently two judges assigned to the Trial Section of the Criminal Division in Gloucester County.  Three Assistant Prosecutors are assigned to each Court in the Criminal Division and one Assistant Prosecutor is in charge of the appellate work.  The members of the Trial Team are supervised by the Trial Chief.

Paul Colangelo
Trial Section Chief