Superior Court


Any matters heard in the above court are filed with the Surrogate's Office. The matters range from filing proceedings to have a guardian appointed for an incapacitated person, an action to compel an Executor or Administrator to an accounting and a request for the removal of an Executor or Administrator.

Helpful Information for Filing Applications in NJ Superior Court:

  • The Surrogate Court is a Court of limited jurisdiction.  Should a dispute arise, the Surrogate may not act.  The parties must seek resolution of the dispute in New Jersey Superior Court.
  • Probate litigation is heard by the Superior Court of New Jersey Chancery Division, Probate Part, The Honorable Anne McDonnell, J.S.C.
  • All actions are commenced by filing a verified complaint and order to show cause pursuant to R. 4:83 and R. 4:67 of the Rules Governing the Courts of the State of New Jersey.
  • Review the following example for assistance Order to Show Cause

The following is a list of the Probate Court


April 19

May 3

May 17

May 31

June 14

June 28

Probate matters are usually commencing at 9:00 a.m. It is best to send your papers to our office and we will advise you of the hearing date. However, you may call our office and ask what our probate dates are, especially when filing a Notice of Motion.         

Important Information and Phone Numbers

Honorable Anne McDonnell
19 N. Broad St.
Courtroom 203
Woodbury, NJ 08096 

17 N. Broad St.
Woodbury, NJ 08096
  • Judge's Secretary: (856) 853-853-3491
  • Judge's Secretary Fax: (856) 853-3451 
  • Deputy Surrogate: (856) 853-3284
  • Deputy Surrogate Fax: (856) 853-3311
  • Judge's Law Clerk: (856) 853-3423 
  • For Transcript Requests please contact: (856) 853-3205 
  • Gloucester County Bar Association please contact: (856)-853-4589 
  • Lawyer Referral please contact: (856)-848-4071

Filing Fees

  • Complaint and Order to Show Cause $175.00
  • Answer $110.00
  • Notice of Motion $15.00
  • Guardianship for Alleged Incapacitated Person $200.00

The following is a checklist for Guardianship Proceedings:

Filing Requirements

  • Verified Complaint
  • Plaintiff's Affidavit (or Certification) of real and personal property
  • Physicians' Affidavit
    1. Note: 2 physicians OR 1 physician & 1 psychologist OR Affidavit of physician endeavored to examine.
    2. Note: Exams must be within 30 days of filing date
  • If seeking approval for sale of real property - must file Real Estate Appraisers' Affidavits.  Need two Affidavits.
    1. Note: Must be certified or licensed real estate appraisers
  • Order for hearing- to include appointment by court of Counsel for AIP

Upon Receipt of Executed Order for Hearing *at least 20 days prior to hearing date

  • Personal service of notice of proceedings on AIP
  • Service on persons in interest including court-appointed counsel for AIP

File and Serve Prior to Hearing *at least 5 days prior to hearing

  • Include court-appointed counsel for AIP for service 
  • Certification of Personal Service on AIP 
  • certification of Proof of Service on persons in interest & counsel AIP
  • Proposed form of Judgment Declaring incapacitation and Appointment of Guardian and other relief pertinent to complaint 
  • Certification of Counsel fees and costs

Actions Upon Entry of Judgment

  • Meet with Guardian to review statutory obligations and those detailed under the judgment, including below filing requirements 
  • File Guardian's inventory of Assets- within 60 days of judgment 
  • Calendar all deadlines under Judgment
  • Calendar status reviews with Guardian during first year after appointment. 
  • (45 days; 90 days; 6 months; one year)

Instructions - Report of Guardian

All guardians are required to file periodic reports. Click Here

Any questions you may have regarding Superior Court, Probate matters may be directed to the Deputy Surrogate at 856-853-3284.