Message from Freeholder Liaison

Throughout 2012 and 2013, the Gloucester County Board of Chosen Freeholders and the Gloucester County Workforce Investment Board (WIB) have continued to focus on bringing employers and job seekers in the county together. The WIB hosted three Career Resource Events – one in October 2012 at Gloucester County College, one in March 2013 at Gloucester County College and a third event in May 2013 at Rowan University.

Unemployment in Gloucester County did decline slightly, from a high of 10.5% in June 2012 to 9.3% in June 2013, and the WIB’s Career Resource Events played a part in that decline. Since 2009, approximately 115 out-of-work residents have been hired as a direct result of the Career Resource Events. While there is a downward trend in the County unemployment rate, there are still many residents searching for employment. The WIB will continue to plan future Career Resource Events to service both employers and job seekers throughout Gloucester County.

In addition to the actual Career Resource Events, the WIB also offers Career Workshops. The focus of these workshops, held in advance of the Career Resource Events, is to prepare job seekers to meet with employers. Workshops include resume’ writing, interviewing skills, networking, and stress management. Personal one-on-one assistance is also available through the Gloucester County College Career and Academic Placement Center to allow job seekers to fine-tune their resumes’ before they meet with an employer.

The Career Resource Events also provide residents with an opportunity to engage directly with county service organizations such as the County Library, Social Services, People for People and the One-Stop Career Center.

Through the efforts and coordination of the WIB, Gloucester County demonstrates a strong partnership with the business community, educational institutions and county service organizations to provide an outlet for county residents to gain employment or re-enter the job world. This partnership benefits the county, its businesses and its people.


Freeholder Liaison - Heather Simmons