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Wall of Heroes

Searching for Family Members or Friends of Family Members

(Woodbury, NJ)  -- On May 21 at 6 pm Gloucester County Freeholders will hold their annual Wall of Heroes ceremony to honor Gloucester County men and women who were killed or missing in action while serving in the US Military. 

Those who made the ultimate sacrifice are honored with a portrait of their likeness, which is hung in the County Justice Complex and the portraits are arranged by era.

This year, of the 35 portraits ready to be hung, there are no known family members for 28 of those who were either Killed in Action (KIA), Died of Wounds (DOW) or Died Non Battle (illness) and the county is looking for assistance in locating relatives to invite them to see the portraits unveiled.

Freeholder Director Robert Damminger said, “Every year we add portraits to the Wall of Heroes, mainly by family members coming forth and providing information and photos of those loved ones who they lost.  This year our Veterans Affairs Office did a lot of research and found 28 military members who lost their lives while serving, mostly during World War I, but we don’t know how to reach their families or if there are still any roots here.”

Freeholder Deputy Director Chila said, “The Wall of Heroes uses portraits to represent those who gave the ultimate sacrifice so that we never forget what was done so we could live in freedom.  We want to make certain that those who had loved ones or connections the military members who died for us have the opportunity to see the portraits unveiled.

If you are related to, or have a connection to any of those who were KIA/DOW/DNB please contact the Gloucester County Office of Veterans Affairs at (856) 401-7660.

 WORLD WAR I (portraits will be unveiled)

Frederick Andrews Jr          Sewell
Chester L Bennett  Paulsboro 
Vincent J. Bismar  Bridgeport 
Robert H Carr     Woodbury 
Raymond Cline     Williamstown
Peter Cobar    Paulsboro 
John M. Cowgill  Paulsboro 
 Jesse A. High    Newfield
Benjamin K. Hofer  Newfield
John H. Langley Newfield
Jesse E. Lacklin Westville
Harry B Leeds  Paulsboro
Walter B. Leonard  Woodbury 
Brancson Lloyd  Clayton
Paul H. Mayhew  Woodbury Heights  
Elmer Morgan  Mullica Hill
Joseph L. Paulin Glassboro
Ellwood P. Tice    Westville 
Ralph G. Whittaker   Swedesboro


Charles Lombardo Glassboro 
Claude W. Rule Glassboro 
James Baptiste  Woodbury 
Louis Stafford  Glassboro 
John Baud   
George Rambo Woodbury  
Harvey D. Johnson  Westville
Earl D. Brown   Swedesboro
Robert L. Dilks 

Wenonah/ Woodbury 



William Graves Glassboro  

No portraits due to lack of photos: 
Names will be 
presented a WWI Plaque

King E. Anderson  Swedesboro 
 Wilbert H. Bell                         Paulsboro 
Horace Bishop   
W.S. Bowers   
 Fillipo Catalfamo Glassboro 
John Calvello  Williamstown 
Alexandria De Gitio  Bridgeport 
Antonio Di Buo  Gibbstown 
John Dorias 
Antonio Dunis  Paulsboro 
Gaylord Freeman  Paulsboro 
Charles G. Gruber  Paulsboro
John J. Gemmell  National Park 
Francisco Guaziano   Paulsboro 
Lawrence E. Jones  Deptford 
Grace Lowe  Swedesboro
Michael Mariano   Hardingville/Monroeville 
William B Miller                            Barnsboro 
Lucy Nelson  Clayton 
John O’Brien   
Frank Papalardo   
William Peskin  Clayton 
Winifred Rane   
Alvin Roberts
Albert T. Spence Swedesboro
William H. Swain Swedesboro
Tony Trogone
Ryland B. Vaughan Paulsboro
Edmund S. Wright Swedesboro