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East Greenwich to Join County's Fire Inspection Service Another shared service will save tax dollars and promote uniform fire inspection reporting

(East Greenwich, NJ)- As of May 1, 2011 the Gloucester County Fire Marshal will serve as the Fire Inspector for East Greenwich, making them the sixth municipality to join in this shared service.

"Gloucester County's Fire Inspection Service is a prime example of how shared services work to save taxpayers money. East Greenwich's previous fire inspector retired, so instead of them going out to hire another individual, they can utilize the county's program and save the salary they would have paid to a new employee," said Freeholder Director Robert M. Damminger.

Damminger said that the county began making the Fire Inspection Services available to all municipalities since 2005, and to date the county provides this service to Newfield, Swedesboro, Woolwich, South Harrison and Woodbury Heights.

"Reducing the size of government without reducing services, regionalizing and sharing services is a goal that our county strives to achieve," stated Director Damminger.

"This program was designed to save municipalities the funds they pay for hiring their own fire inspector and it creates a uniform and consistent method for fire inspections and reporting county-wide," said Freeholder Giuseppe (Joe) Chila, liaison to the Fire Marshal's Office.

Chila said, "The Gloucester County Fire Marshal's Office produces computerized reports in a timely fashion, and by having the county perform the fire inspection duties, taxpayers are spared from the cost of the inspector and the administrative tasks associated with fire inspections."

Chila also said that his experience with the Fire Inspector's service on a municipal level in Woolwich has been extremely positive. "The Gloucester County Fire Marshal's Office is professional and prompt and I am confident that East Greenwich will be pleased to join this regional service," stated Freeholder Chila.

The County Fire Inspection program bills according to an established fee schedule to recover operational costs of this service. A portion of the monies received are refunded to the towns to support fire prevention activities.