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Swedesboro Deeded Land from County for Passive Recreation

(Swedesboro, NJ) – Gloucester County Freeholder Director Robert M. Damminger and Freeholder Adam J. Taliaferro signed over the deed to the Swedesboro Auction today to the Borough of Swedesboro.  The open space project represents 3.091 acres of permanently preserved land in the Borough. 
“This is the first open space land preserved in Swedesboro and we are excited for the Borough to have this opportunity,” said Freeholder Director Robert Damminger.  “We know that a lot of work went into keeping this land as open space and we commend everyone who participated.”
Damminger said, “The addition of the Swedesboro Auction brings the number of acres preserved as Open Space in the county up to 3,193.”  The total number of acres preserved in Gloucester County with both Open Space and Farmland is 18,400.
Freeholder Adam J. Taliaferro praised the Swedesboro Auction and the Borough for theirpartnership in preserving this open space. 
Taliaferro said, “The Open Space program is a true partnership and every party has to agree to the terms in order for the land preservation to take place.  In this instance, the Auction approached the Borough and County and we were all willing to come together to save this land in perpetuity for our citizens.”
Mayor Tom Fromm said, "The acquisition of the Swedesboro Auction property completes an 8 year effort to save not only the last significant piece of open space in Swedesboro, but also an important part of our history that will be preserved to remind people of the important role agriculture played in Swedesboro's past.”
“I want to thank the Swedesboro Auction shareholders and board for agreeing to keep the Auction a "green" property rather than another housing development, the Swedesboro Borough Council for their passion (and votes) for this project, the Board of Chosen Freeholders for their financial support and especially Ken Atkinson and the Office of Land Preservation.  Ken stuck with me on this for at least 7 years and this wouldn't have happened without him and the staff at Land Preservation.  Our plan is to develop the Swedesboro Auction property into a passive recreational area that will bring our community together for music events, community gardening and hopefully a temporary ice skating rink along with other possibilities," said Mayor Fromm.
The total purchase price for the property was $340,000.00; with the County paying $255,000.00 and the Township paying $85,000.00.   The County has applied for a reimbursement from the State for 50% of the acquisition costs.
The Swedesboro Auction was a cooperative of more than 150 share owners representing farming families throughout the area, and was one of the earliest and most successful venues for these farmers to market their produce to large wholesalers such as A&P and ACME as well as other purchasers.