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Neptune Training Exercise with Fire Departments To Demonstrate Fire Boat

(Clarksboro, NJ) – The Neptune Taskforce will be conducting an Exercise at approximately 9:15 AM on Saturday, Nov.16, 2013 in conjunction with the Camden City Fire Department to demonstrate the Large Diameter Hose Firefighting capability that Neptune provides and work with the newly acquired Fire Boat from Camden City which was recently placed into service. The location of the exercise will be along the Camden City waterfront along one of the piers at 2500 Broadway, Camden.
The Neptune system is designed to combat large petrochemical flammable liquid fires, and a water supply delivery system that can pump a minimum of 5,000 gallons per minute for at least one mile.  The County owns the equipment, purchased with Homeland Security and State Department of Community Affairs funds, and supplies regional support with the partnership of many local fire departments. 
“Gloucester County is the only southern county to have a Neptune System and we share this resource with the entire region.  The Neptune System enhances our emergency responders ability to protect chemical plants, nuclear plants and other large refineries and industry in South Jersey,” said Freeholder Director Robert Damminger.
Freeholder Deputy Director Chila said that the Neptune Task Force is comprised of members of the County’s Office of Emergency Management, the Gloucester County Fire Marshal’s Office, The New Jersey Division of Fire Safety, and representatives from National Park, Westville, Verga, Colonial Manor, Mantua, and GibbstownFire Departments. 
“The fire boat is a new aspect to the Neptune System and could potentially be used for a fire involving industry along the river or possibly a ship board fire. The Neptune system would provide support to the fire boat for dramatically increased water pressure. Our 12” diameter hose could also provide Camden or other towns in need with the large volume they may need in the many parts of the city during a multi alarm fire,” said Freeholder Chila, liaison to Emergency Response.
Gloucester County received the Neptune System in 2007.  For more information about the Neptune System visit and click on Departments/Agencies and go to Emergency Response.