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County Looking for Relatives or Friends of WWII Servicemen who were Killed or Died in Action

(Woodbury, NJ) -- On May 20 at 6 pm Gloucester County Freeholders will hold their annual Wall of Heroes ceremony to honor Gloucester County men and women who were killed or missing in action while serving in the US Military.  

Those who made the ultimate sacrifice are honored with a portrait of their likeness, which is hung in the County Justice Complex and the portraits are arranged by era.  Since the Wall of Heroes was dedicated in 2010 272 portraits have been hung.   

This year 18 portraits are ready to be hung and the county is looking for the relatives or friends of 17 of those men who were killed or died while serving during World War II.  

Freeholder Director Robert Damminger said, "In years past family members provided information and photos of those loved ones who they lost for the Wall of Heroes, but we are looking at 17 men who served and died during World War II and no family to help us honor them."

Damminger said that a volunteer from the County Office of Veterans Affairs had researched those who whose likeness will be placed on the Wall of Heroes later this month.  

"We are optimistic that people will read this and remember a grandfather or great uncle and get in touch with us," said Damminger. 

Freeholder Deputy Director Chila said, “We want to make certain that those who had loved ones or connections the military members who died for us have the opportunity to see the portraits unveiled and that they are remembered.  The Wall of Heroes uses portraits to represent those who gave the ultimate sacrifice so that we never forget what was done so we could live in freedom.  ”

If you are related to, or have a connection to any of those listed below please contact the Gloucester County Office of Veterans Affairs at (856) 401-7660. 

WILLIAM U. BECK, USA WWII, KIA Germany 1944 from Woodbury 

ALBERT E. BRITTON, USA WWII DOI/POW Hoten POW Camp, Mukden, Manchuria 1942 from Woodbury

JOHN T. EHRMAN, USA WWII France 1944 from Westville 

KENNETH M. HALPINE, JR., USA WWII KIA Leyte, The Philippines 1944 from Woodbury 

JOSEPH J. HILDEBRAND, USAAF WWII MIA Over Germany 1944 from Mantua 

CHARLES H. KEHR, USAAF WWII MIA Over Italy 1943 from Westville 

STEPHEN J. KRITZ, USAAF WWII KIA European Area 1944 from Clarksboro 

RICHARD W. LYONS, USA WWII DOW Italy 1944 from Swedesboro 

RAYMOND A. MARSHALL, USA WWII MIA New Guinea 1944 from Williamstown 

HERBERT MUGRAVER, USN WWII MIA The Philippines 1944 from Woodbury 


DANIEL K. SKANES, USN WWII DOW South Pacific 1944 from Westville 

RALPH C. STORM, USA WWII KIA Germany 1945 from Woodbury

HAROLD B. SWEETEN, USA WWII KIA 1945 from Westville 

BASIL P. THOMPSON, USA WWII KIA Aachen Germany 1944 from Paulsboro 

JAMES R. WILEY, USA WWII KIA 1944 from Westville Grove 

HORACE M. WISE, USMC WWII KIA Guadalcanal 1942 from Williamstown 

KIA: Killed in Action

DOI: Died of Injuries

MIA: Missing in Action

DNB: Died Non Battle

DOW: Died of Wounds