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‘America the Beautiful’ Flower Show at Whitall House this Weekend

(National Park, NJ) – The Gloucester County Board of Chosen Freeholders and the Rutgers Master Gardeners of Gloucester County will host the Annual Flower Show this Sunday June 22 from 1:00 - 4:00pm In Ann's Garden at Whitall House, Red Bank Battlefield, 100 Hessian Ave. National Park, NJ 08063.

Freeholder Director Robert M. Damminger said that this year's theme 'New Beginnings America the Beautiful’ will invite local, non-professional gardeners to participate in categories ranging from red, white and blue, amber waves of grain and for purple mountains majesty. 

Freeholder Frank J. DiMarco, Liaison to Parks and Recreation said that registration is open the day of the event and judging will take place between 10 am and 12 noon.  Visitors will vote for Best in Show for Artistic and Horticulture Exhibitions, which will be announced at 3:30pm.

For questions call 856-307-6456. 


Artistic Division:

'America the Beautiful’ Class I: O beautiful for spacious skies

Vase: Predominately red, white and blue flowers.

Class II: For amber waves of grain Design: Shades of yellow, orange flowers and grasses, fresh or dried

Class III: For purple mountain majesties

Design: Predominately blue and purple annuals and/or perennials arranged in a teacup. To be displayed in Ann’s Parlor.

Class IV: Above thy fruited plains Design: Arrangement in a basket of fruit, nuts and vegetables. To be displayed in the kitchen.

Class V: America, America, God shed his grace on thee.

Design: Red, White, and Blue Flowers. To be displayed in the "Great Room"

Class VI: And crown thy good with brotherhood from sea to shining sea Design: Water design. To be displayed in the Hospital room.

Horticultural Division:

Approximately 3" x 2 1/4” (Name tag size)

Class A:  Any herb, cut and in water. Under 6”- 3 stems; Over 6”- 1 stem.

Class B: A collection of five or more varieties of herbs, cut and in water.

Class C: Perennial cut flowers. One to three stems of same variety cut and in water.

Under 6”- 3 stems; Over 6”- 1 stem.

Class D: Annual cut flower. One to three stems of same variety, cut and in water.

Under 6”- 3 stems; Over 6”- 1 stem.

Class E: Flowers cut from bulbs, rhizomes, corms or tubers. One to three stems of same variety, cut and in water with sufficient foliage.

Under 6”- 3 stems; Over 6”- 1 stem. Class F: Hydrangea, one stem 18” or under. Class G: Any other worthy garden specimen

Class H: Hostas With stem pleasing in proportion.

1. Giant, One leaf, 9”- 12” 2. Medium, One leaf, 6”- 9” 3. Small, One leaf, under 6”

Class J: Four plants well established in one container. Minimum of four different varieties.

Class K: Favorite Houseplant (including topiary). Plant must be in your possession at least 6 months prior to entry.

Class L: Terrarium. Plant must be in your possession at least 1 month prior to entry.

Guidelines and Information:

Please be certain the entries are cleaned.

Entries are open to all non-professionals.

Exhibitor must prepare all arrangements, but materials may be purchased for artistic en- tries unless other wise noted.

Accessories and containers may be used, provided they do not detract from the design.

All fresh arrangements must be in water and can utilize floral oasis, wedging, or flower frogs.

Horticulture entries must be grown by the exhibitor.

No artificial plant materials may be used.

Endangered species collected in the wild may NOT be used.

Identify all plant material on your entry form or a 3x5 card if possible. Have your name on the bottom of container.

You may enter as many classes as you wish, but only enter one exhibit in each class /subdivision.

If there are more than four entries in any one class, the class may be divided at discretion of the judges or committee.

Entrants are responsible for the set-up, breakdown, and safety of their own belongings.

Registration is the day of the event. No pre-registration is required.

Exhibits must be delivered between 7:00 and 9:00am, Sunday, June 22. Judging will take place between 10:00am and Noon.