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County Moves Forward With 700 MHz System for First Responders

(Woodbury, NJ) – Gloucester County Freeholders unanimously approved a measure on Wednesday, June 25, 2014 that authorizes the purchase from Motorola Solutions, Inc. for construction of a 700 MHz P25 Public Safety Radio Network and accompanying subscriber units to be distributed to first responder organizations.

Freeholder Director Robert M. Damminger said, "This is a great step forward for our first responders.  Radio inoperability is something that our public safety officials should not have to worry about in this day and age and this investment in our infrastructure will go a step further to ensure their safety."

Interference on the current 500 Megahertz system began when the FCC changed the frequencies for digital television and created random events, mainly related to weather, where police officers were left in the field without a way to communicate to the base for backup.

The New Jersey State Comptroller reviewed the work and research on the new radio system performed by the Depart of Public Safety and has authorized procurement through Motorola Solutions.

Motorola's proposal fully met the requirements document that was issued by the Department.  “The 700 MHz Motorola P-25 system will put Gloucester County in the forefront with regards to radio interoperability in the state and region,” said Freeholder Deputy Director Joe Chila, Liaison to the Department of Public Safety.

Chila said, “This is a significant milestone in our project and once approved will allow us to begin and concentrate on the construction phase of the project.”  
Damminger and Chila both thanked everyone who has been working on the project, including committee that recommend that the county proceed with this project, “Their input was invaluable and we look forward to working together to bring this project home,” Chila concluded.

The Committee consisted of representatives from the Gloucester County Fire Chiefs & Officers Association and Representatives from the Gloucester County Police Associations. 

The project was funded in the county’s 2013 capital budget.