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County Releases a new Green Mosquito Control Crustacean into Retention Basins

Sewell - 5,000 mosquito larvae-eating aquatic crustaceans called copepods will soon join the 5,000 Gambusia Affinis mosquito larvae eating fish to help double the county's efforts in reducing the mosquito population this season.

Gloucester County received the 5,000 copepods (Macrocyclops Albidus) from the Department of Agriculture's Beneficial Insect Laboratory to disperse in retention basins throughout the county said Freeholder Director Robert M. Damminger. 

"Gloucester County has been working on environmentally friendly ways of combating our mosquito population for over a decade through the use of the mosquito eating fish," said Freeholder Director Damminger. "Anything we can do to prevent mosquitoes from breeding will bring relief during the summertime."