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NJ Historical Commission to Hold Meeting at Gloucester County’s Red Bank Battlefield

(National Park, NJ) – Red Bank Battlefield Park has been selected as the site for the New Jersey Historical Commission’s public meeting on Sep. 16, 2014 from 10:30 to 12:30 p.m.
Niquole Primiani, Chief Programs Officer for the New Jersey Historical Commission, said that the Commission selected Red Bank Battlefield for its one off-site yearly meeting to highlight the work of its grantees, celebrate the heritage throughout NJ, and to demonstrate the impact of state funds.
Freeholder Director Robert M. Damminger said, “We are honored that Red Bank Battlefield Park has been selected as the one site the Historical Commission will visit this year to highlight their work.  We consider Red Bank and the James and Ann Whitall House a gem in our community.  We have created a strong partnership with Rowan University that has resulted in more programs and events at the Whitall House have grown our audience by 75% in three short years.”
Freeholder Frank J. DiMarco, Liaison to Parks and Recreation noted that earlier this year Gloucester County received a grant from the NJ Historical Commission to fabricate new battlefield signs to be installed at the remains of Fort Mercer.  The new battlefield signs will offer visitors a walking tour of the battlefield and will feature information about the fort, the soldiers who fought in the battle, the naval engagement on the Delaware River, and the impact the battle had on the Whitall family. 
The signs will be installed in 2015 after the archeological survey is completed. The plan is to map as much as possible of the original boundaries of Fort Mercer and recover anything that may lie below the surface. That project is funded by a National State Park grant.
“The Red Bank Battlefield Park and the Whitall House are valuable resources in telling the story of New Jersey.  We are honored to be the guardians of these historic places and Gloucester County is doing its best to enhance them and our visitor’s experiences every chance we get,” said DiMarco.  “We are really glad the state commissioners will get to experience what we are fortunate to see on a regular basis,” DiMarco concluded.