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$5.8 Million in Federal & State Funded Road Improvement Projects to Get Underway in Gloucester County Major improvements slated for many roads and bridges throughout county

(Woodbury, NJ) -Gloucester County Freeholder Director Robert M. Damminger and Freeholder Heather Simmons announced that the Board of Chosen Freeholders is scheduled to take action on several resolutions that will authorize $5,855,741 in Federal Stimulus funding and State Transportation Trust Funds to improve the county's infrastructure.

The projects include funding for the reconstruction of the Barnsboro intersection of Mantua, realignment of the intersection of Tacoma and Cedar Avenues in Deptford, creating a roundabout in Swedesboro, repairs to the White Bridge between National Park and West Deptford, the Route 322 bypass in Harrison, and dam repairs to the Scotland Run Park entrance in Clayton. Resurfacing and safety improvements will also be made on Kings Highway in Woolwich and East Greenwich.

"The investment that we have secured to improve our infrastructure will continue to improve our local economy. Gloucester County has garnered the more federal stimulus funds than any other county in our region to complete road improvement projects which is a benefit to our local taxpayers," said Freeholder Director Robert M. Damminger.

Freeholder Heather Simmons said,"Every improvement we make keeps our roads safe and makes us more attractive to business and industry which keep jobs coming into Gloucester County." Simmons is the Freeholder liaison to the Department of Economic Development and Public Works.

"We operate an efficient government and that gives us an edge in receiving grant funding," Simmons said. "We receive grant funding based upon our ability to plan in advance and having shovel ready projects in the pipeline so when the money comes through we are ready to apply for it. Our infrastructure is directly tied to our economic success and it is one of the major selling points we use to attract and retain business and industry here."

Simmons added, "The county will receive $2.9 million in state funds for six improvement projects in 2011 and we have another $1.3 million set aside from 2010 to complete the construction of the Barnsboro traffic intersection."

The county plans on utilizing the $2,973,000 in anticipated 2011 Transportation Trust Fund for State Aid to Counties for several projects that would take place in 2012, including:

  • * County Wide Long-Life Striping in various municipalities
  • * Roadway and intersection improvements/realignment to Tacoma & Cedar Avenues, Deptford Township
  • * Creation of a Roundabout on Kings Highway, Center Square Road and Woodstown Road in Swedesboro Borough
  • * Bridge Repairs- rehabilitate the piles on White Bridge & Grove Road (CR 643), National Park Borough and West Deptford Township
  • * A new spillway and armor the embankments to Wilson Lake Bridge on Scotland Run Drive (Scotland Run Park Entrance), Clayton Borough
  • * Rt. 322 Corridor Improvements, from the intersection with Rt. 45 & the intersection with Clems Run Road, Harrison Township.

$1,347,388 in 2010 State Aid Funds will be used to construct the Barnsboro traffic intersection.

  • * This Project consists of the relocation of the Richwood Road, CR609, leg of the existing 5-legged intersection to a new unsignalized intersection on Breakneck Road, CR603.
  • * The remaining standard 4-way intersection of Main Street (CR553A) and Breakneck Road/Center Street (CR603) will be widened to provide formal left turn legs on all approaches with a new traffic signal system constructed. The signal system will be solar powered to decrease demand on the power grid. Retaining walls will be constructed along northerly leg Main Street as well as along a portion of Breakneck Road. The signal will employ a new more efficient timing sequence to alleviate delays. Detention basins will be constructed along the new relocated section of Richwood Road to address stormwater management concerns. Traffic will be maintained to all driveways and businesses at all times. This project shall be completed within 150 calendar days after notice to proceed date. This project is 100% State Aid Funded and is scheduled to begin this summer.

And, $1,535,353 is designated through the federally funded ARRA Stimulus Program for the resurfacing and safety improvements to Kings Highway in the Townships of Woolwich & East Greenwich.

  • * The project consists of improving two portions of Kings Highway (CR 551) from Asbury Station Road (CR 684) to Quaker Road and from Whiskey Mill Road to the Mantua Creek.
  • * The project will also include the rehabilitation of the existing concrete base (as directed in the field), repair of existing bridge deck joints at the Mantua Creek bridge (steel truss bridge at East Greenwich line), installation of new long life traffic stripes, raised pavement markers, guide rail, along with the resetting/replacement of existing signs.