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Report a Pothole to Gloucester County Public Works Department

(Woodbury, NJ) — Utilizing its 'pothole patcher' trucks and road crews, Gloucester County's Public Works Department has been actively filling potholes throughout the county.

Freeholder Director Robert M. Damminger, said "Potholes are an unavoidable expectation of the winter season.  Over the past few weeks, our Public Works Department has had two pothole patch trucks and several trucks and crews manually filing in potholes throughout the County."

Freeholder Heather Simmons Liaison to Gloucester County Public Works, stated, "We encourage our residents that drive our streets on a daily basis to report the potholes they see on county roads.  This information is very helpful in directing our crews to the areas that most need repair."

Residents can report a county road pothole by going online to or by calling 856-384-6905.  The online form requires residents to provide their name and email address as well as information about the pothole such as the location and municipality and whether the pothole is in the travel lane or the shoulder.