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MEGA Road overlay project to begin next week

(Glassboro, NJ)  -- Freeholder Director Robert M. Damminger and Freeholder Simmons, Liaison to the Department of Public Works announced that a "mega" milling and overlaying project will begin next week that will run from Glassboro and Pitman to Mantua.

The county will be milling and overlaying Main Street-Broadway-Lambs Road, County Routes 553, 553A and 635 from the Conrail rail crossing near East Blvd. on Main Street in Glassboro, County Route 553 to the Conrail rail crossing near Laurel of Broadway, County Route 553A in Pitman.  The project will continue at Holly Ave on Broadway, County Route 553A to Lambs Road, County Route 635 north onto Lambs Road to the intersection of Woodbury-Glassboro Road, County Route 553 in Pitman and Mantua.  The portion of Broadway, County Route 553A from Laurel to Holly Avenue is excluded from the project because this portion of the roadway was rehabilitated under a past downtown revitalization project by the Borough of Pitman.

Director Damminger said, “The total project length for this job is in excess of four miles.  It is a big undertaking, but when it is completed the road will be safer for our residents and motorists.”

“The project will take about three months to complete and it will be staged to minimize impacts to local events scheduled in Glassboro and Pitman including Rowan University's graduation, Pitman’s bike race in June, as well as the annual 4th of July parade and events,” stated Damminger.

Freeholder Heather Simmons said that the project would be completed utilizing State Aid funding.

Simmons said, “There are 5,500 vehicles that drive on this stretch of roadway daily and it needs updating.  These routes which basically run through the heart of three municipalities will be upgraded to meet today’s standards.”

Simmons said that prior to the resurfacing, the existing deteriorated concrete vertical curb will be replaced.  All handicap ramps at the existing intersecting streets will be upgraded for ADA compliance.  The existing concrete base will be rehabilitated where necessary.  Additionally concrete base will be reconstructed at locations of prior utility work.  Concrete base work will be removed and replaced as part of the project upon inspection after milling operations.  In sections where no concrete base exists (from East Blvd to near Church Street in Glassboro as well as along Lambs Road in Pitman and Mantua), a 3” and variable mill with a 3” overlay will be completed.

Bicycle safe grates and new NJDEP compliant heads and grates will be constructed to adhere with current storm water regulations.  No new drainage structures will be added however the older inlets will be reconstructed as part of the project.  In sections where the existing pipes have deteriorated, the project includes video-taping of the existing storm sewer system with lining of the pipes for restoration of the system.

The project should be completed in approximately three months with the start of construction expected during the week of May 16.  The initial work effort can be completed with limited disruption to the existing traffic patterns.  The project was awarded to South State Inc. at a cost of $3,612,925.50 and utilizes State Aid funding.