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Online Portal available to view restaurant and food inspection results

(Sewell, NJ) -- Gloucester County Freeholders announced today that the online portal to search and view restaurant and food inspections performed by the Department of Health is now online at

Freeholder Director Robert M. Damminger said, "One of the most important missions of the Gloucester County Department of Health is to help prevent foodborne illness by ensuring that food prepared and served by food establishments is prepared under sanitary conditions.  More and more consumers want to know the sanitary conditions of their favorite restaurant or about how safely their child's cafeteria handles food.  With this online portal it is easy to search for what you are looking for and see it all in black and white."

Freeholder Jim Jefferson, liaison to the Department of Health said that the health department conducts 1,300 visits annually to retail food establishments in the county and is in the process of placing all of the reports online.  If an establishment does have a violation they do get the opportunity to rectify it for a re-inspection, both reports are placed online.

Jefferson said, “So much effort goes into inspecting and reporting the conditions of food establishments and now our residents can see the results for themselves.  Our county works very closely with our food establishments to help them achieve optimal safety.  They review plans and conduct pre-operational inspections for new or remodeled establishments before granting approval for their operation, conduct unannounced inspections, respond to citizen complaints, providing food safety information, and educate food handlers about safety.”

“Now you can click right through to see a report,” said Jefferson.  “It is easy for the consumer to use and I think as we continue to get all of our establishments on this site it will be helpful to the businesses because it shows their commitment to food safety.”

The portal can also be viewed by visiting and clicking through County Services Forms & Updates.