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Sheriff’s Department receives $2,000 donation from NuStar for K-9 Unit

A generous $2,000 donation by NuStar has been given to the Gloucester County Sheriff's Department K-9 Unit.  Sheriff Carmel Morina said that the funds would be used to purchase a heater for bloodhounds Delta and Charlie who are housed in an outside pen with a house attached.  The heater would be used for their pen/house.  The Sheriff’s Department is feeding nine (9) K-9’s now so a pallet of food will also be purchased with the donation.

Sheriff Morina said, "We are grateful to NuStar for their generous donation and for their commitment to our community.  These funds will go a long way toward helping us care for our K-9 Unit, which help all of our local law enforcement agencies."

Morina said that the K-9 Unit is used in finding missing persons or fugitives and performing many dangerous tasks including bomb detection, chemical detection at arson sites and other useful scent detection.