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Upcoming events at the DREAM Park – Alex’s Lemonade Stand benefit runs through Sunday, Appaloosa Show next weekend

Upcoming events at the DREAM Park – Alex's Lemonade Stand benefit runs through Sunday, Appaloosa Show next weekend 

(Logan Twp., NJ) – Residents and visitors are invited to attend many upcoming events taking place at the Gloucester County DREAM Park. The DREAM Park is located at 400 US Route 130 South, Logan Township, NJ 08085.  For questions call (856) 241-1415 or visit 

Who: United Professional Horsemen’s Association
What: Children’s Benefit Horse Show – Benefiting Alex’s Lemonade Stand
Where: Dream Park – Main Arena
When: March 31-April 2, 2017

Cost: Free to Spectate

About: The national UPHA organization is based in Lexington Kentucky.  It is an association of professional horsemen and horsewomen who have united to improve the show horse industry and to define and clarify their professionalism within the industry. Since its inception in 1968, the UPHA has expanded into eighteen regional chapters that comprise all fifty states and Canada.   The predominant breeds represented by UPHA members are the American Saddlebred, the Morgan Horse, the Hackney Pony and the National Show Horse. UPHA programs have benefited not only the individual horse person, but the entire horse show industry. The UPHA regularly works with the United States Equestrian Federation, The American Horse Council and the various breed organizations to promote safety, ensure fairness, improve conditions, increase attendance and improve the overall horse show experience for owners, trainers, grooms, and spectators alike. In addition to its core programs, the UPHA seeks to foster communication and mutually beneficial relationships between all participants in the horse show industry. For over 40 years the United Professional Horsemen's Association has given a united voice to the individual trainer, while recognizing his/her unique capabilities and talent. 

Who: Garden State Appaloosa
What: Horse Show
Where: Dream Park – Main Arena
When April 8-9, 2017

Cost: Free to Spectate

About: The Garden State Appaloosa Association was formed in 1991 as a merger of the New Jersey Appaloosa Association and the Tri State Appaloosa Association. Since the merger, our membership has steadily grown and includes Appaloosa owners from Massachusetts to Florida.  When the Association started, it held only two multi-judge shows and a one-day single-judge show. We now hold three multi-judged shows each year in April, August and October. Each one is a four-judge show and approved through the Appaloosa Horse Club in Moscow, Idaho. These shows draw exhibitors from Maine to Florida to as far west as Ohio. Our shows are consistently among the largest and best attended Appaloosa shows in the country.  Over the last three years, all three Garden State shows were ranked in the Top 10 in the country for attendance. GSAA's goal has been to attract exhibitors to a nicely paced, relaxed and enjoyable show 

Who: NJ Quarter Horse Association
What: Benefit the June Brady Foundation
            Rocking Horse Classic Showmanship Class April 28      
Where: Dream Park – Main Arena
When: April 27-30, 2017 / April 28, Rocking Horse Classic Showmanship class

Cost: Free to Spectate

About:  New Jersey Quarter Horse Senior Association show features the "ROCKING HORSE CLASSIC". This class is dedicated to helping the June Brandy Foundation that helps children fighting pediatric disease and disability. Founded in the fall of 2011 the June Brandy Foundation held the first Rocking Horse Classic in 2012. Through the charity they help fund research into childhood diseases, provide toys to children undergoing chemo therapy or dialysis. Their I-Pad program helps children who are hooked to machines for 10 or 12 hours a day have something to watch/do/play with that can distract them from their treatments (chemo/radiation/dialysis). JBF sends a family to Camp Sunshine for an all expenses paid vacation each year through our Sami's sunshine program.  This is a family with a child that is too sick to travel through Make A Wish and needs the special accommodations Camp Sunshine can provide.  Helps pay for gas, groceries and prescriptions that are not covered under insurance for working families that cannot make ends meet.  They sponsor COTA (Children's Organ Transplant Association) accounts for children needing lifesaving organ transplants helping them raise money for their transplant, the average transplant cost a family $45,000 AFTER insurance.  They provide custom hospital gowns and pillowcases to chronically admitted/hospitalized children. Basically if there is a family in need and they have a child with a life threatening/life altering illness/disease/disability we are there to help.  But the only reason we can do all of this is because of the generosity of the horse community.