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Woodbury, NJ – Gloucester County Sheriff Carmel Morinaannounced today that during the early morning hours of April 4-6, 2017,officers from the Gloucester County Sheriff's Warrants Unit, along with MonroeTownship, Logan Township, Greenwich Township, East Greenwich Township PoliceDepartments, The Gloucester County Department of Corrections and the GloucesterCounty Prosecutor’s Office arrested 83 fugitives, with 157 violations for not payingtheir child support.

              On day 1 (Tuesday 4/4),  35 arrests were made in Monroe Township, FranklinTownship, Clayton, Glassboro, Washington Township, Sicklerville and Elmercollecting over $7,000.00 in back child support. 

               On day 2 (Wednesday4/5),  28 arrests were made in Pitman, National Park, Westville, Mantua,Wenonah, Deptford, West Deptford, Harrison Township, East Greenwich and WoolwichTownship collecting over $3,400.00 in back child support.

               On day 3 (Thursday 4/6),16 arrests were made in Paulsboro, Woodbury, Westville, Gloucester City,Camden, Gloucester Township, West Deptford, Gibbstown and Pittsgrove,  collecting $2,385.00 in back child support.

After all was said and done, Gloucester County Sheriff’sOfficers were responsible for collecting $25,983.00 in back child support.

Our officers continue on a daily basis to seek out fugitivesof the law", stated Sheriff Morina.  "We do several Child Support Sweeps ayear in hopes of collecting monies due for children here in GloucesterCounty”.  “This was a tremendous, county-wide effort, with several policedepartments, the Department of Corrections and The County Prosecutor’s Officeassisting us”, stated Morina. No major incidents occurred during thisoperation.  Freeholder Liaison to the Sheriff’s Office, Dan Christy stated“I commend Sheriff Morina and the officers who worked on the Child SupportSweep.  This took a lot of coordination and effort, but is an importantpart of holding people accountable for not supporting their childrenfinancially”.

In addition, to view the Top Ten Fugitives on SheriffMorina’s Top Ten Most Wanted List, go to

If you know the whereabouts of a fugitive, please call Lt.Jennifer Ridinger at 856-384-4625.   All calls are keptconfidential. 

New Jersey Child Support Sweep April 4-6, 2017

Day 1 April 4, 2017 areas worked Monroe Twp, FranklinTwp, Clayton, Glassboro, Washington Twp, Sicklerville, Elmer.

Gloucester County Sheriff’s Department along with Monroe TwpPolice Department, Logan Township Police Department, Greenwich Township PoliceDepartment, East Greenwich Police Department and Gloucester County Departmentof Corrections all assisted.

Andrea Otto-paid $400/released
David Haynes –paid $200/released
Paul Tongue-paid $500/released
Steven Dunn-paid $400/released
Matthew Newsham-paid $325/released
Case Rutter-paid $200/released
Ray Moore- paid $200/released
Kayla Kerr-paid $200/released
Robert Snead-paid $400/released
Justin Dannenhower-paid $200/released
Nicole Budd-paid $115/released
Donna Patterson-paid $400/released
Lea Castagno-paid $400/released
Andrew Eanes-paid $100/released
Anthony Brockingham-paid $700/released
Joseph Sterner-paid $400/released
Karla McCullough-paid $125/released
David Knight-paid $90/released
Hasheem Scoines-paid $300/released
Mark Woody-paid $400/released
Robert Potter-paid $500/released
Paul Easley-paid $400/released
Chelsea Milsted-paid $50/released
Joshua Alphaeus-paid $400/released
Terrance Bell-released wage execution
Michael Roberts-lodged Salem County Jail
Amber Rowan-lodged Salem County Jail
Michael  Davis-lodged Salem County Jail
Charles Boozer-lodged Salem County Jail
Brandi Simpkins-lodged Salem County Jail
John Stone-lodged Salem County Jail
Brian Haines-lodged Salem County Jail
Shilo Battle-lodged Salem County Jail
Jose Valasquez-lodged Salem County Jail
Derek Noddin-lodged Salem County Jail
Jason Marcheski-lodged Salem County Jail
Aaron McGowan-lodged Salem County Jail
John DeSilvio-lodged Salem County Jail
Kevin Bozarth-lodged Salem County Jail
James Edmonds-lodged Salem County Jail
Lewis Lavendar-lodged Salem County Jail

Day 2 April 5, 2017 areas worked Pitman, NationalPark, Westville, Mantua, Wenonah, Deptford, West Deptford, Harrison, EastGreenwich, Woolwich.

Gloucester County Sheriff’s Department along with GreenwichTwp. Police Department, East Greenwich Police Department, Logan Township PoliceDepartment, Franklin Township Police Department, Gloucester County ProsecutorsOffice, Gloucester County Department of Corrections

Judah Dove-paid $400/released
Dwayne Smith-paid $150/released
Tim Tirro-paid $200/released
Terry Boyle-paid $400/released
James Mullins-paid $250/released
Timothy Binck-paid $250/released
Alexa Wilson-paid $400/released
Joanne Hyde-paid $200/released
Otis Whitlle-paid $400/released
Roger Green-paid $500/released
John Sheaf-paid $300/released
Jacob Souder-lodged Salem County Jail
Danielle Burmylo-lodged Salem County Jail
Glenn Britton-lodged Salem County Jail
Leon Lewis-lodged Salem County Jail
Theodore Linen-lodged Salem County Jail
Constance Gledhill-lodged Salem County Jail
Michael Baker-lodged Salem County Jail
Angela Milcarek-lodged Salem County Jail
Ryan Martinac-lodged Salem County Jail
Eric Sawyer-lodged Salem County Jail
John Louden-lodged Salem County Jail
Dylan Harrell-lodged Salem County Jail
Antonio Balsamo-lodged Salem County Jail
Dominic Moore-lodged Salem County Jail
Mark McHugh-lodged Salem County Jail
Brittany Georgette-lodged Salem County Jail
Raymond Wilkinson-arrested on several municipal courtwarrants/released 

Day 3 April 6, 2017 areas worked Paulsboro, Woodbury,Westville, Gloucester City, Camden, Gloucester Twp., West Deptford, Gibbstown,Pittsgrove

Gloucester County Sheriff’s Department along with GreenwichTwp. Police Department, Gloucester County Prosecutors Office, Gloucester CountyDepartment of Corrections

Sheena Pierce-paid $450/released
Andre Campbell-paid 260/released
Antonio Scordo-paid $300/released
Christine Keenean-paid $400/released
Carlos DeJesus-paid $200/released
Zelda Taylor-paid $75/released
Robert Walters-paid $300/released
Jeffrey Paige-paid $400/released
David Munyan-wage execution/released
Felicia Lauletta-lodged Salem County Jail
Shannon Gray-lodged Salem County Jail
Thomas Deaner-lodged Salem County Jail
Michael Hodge-lodged Salem County Jail
Shannon Loiselle-lodged Salem County Jail
Todd Dehner-lodged Salem County Jail
James Mead-lodged Salem County Jail

Total money owed on warrants executed; $3,058,602.32
Total money collected: $25,983.00 last Sweep total moneycollected was $17,623.00