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Talking economic development across the river

(Philadelphia, PA) - Gloucester County Freeholder HeatherSimmons participated in a panel discussion at a Philadelphia Public RelationsAssociation (PPRA) Program "Here's What You Don't Know About GreaterPhiladelphia" today (April 27, 2017) at Saxby Coffee Headquarters at 2300Chestnut Street in Philadelphia. 

The special program highlighted the many amazing assetsthat make our Greater Philadelphia community such a special place to live,work, play, dine, explore, create, innovate and raise afamily.  Freeholder Simmons is the county’s liaison to the Departmentof Economic Development. 

Simmons said, "I felt it was important that South Jerseybe represented in this conversation and I was honored to be invited and talkabout what is happening on our side of the Delaware.  Gloucester County isa suburb of the city and our success is directly related to the success of ourregion." 

Participants discussed the innovations and collaborationsof today and tomorrow that position our region as an international gateway forbusiness growth, tourism, financial services, technology, andresearch.  They discussed why people from around the country and theworld want to make their home and grow their careers in the 11-countyneighborhood of Greater Philadelphia.   

PPRA Hall of Famer and Executive Director of SelectGreater Philadelphia Matt Cabrey moderated the panel.

In photo:  Saxby's owner Nick Bayer, MaryFrances McGarrity ofChester County Economic Development Council, Dawn Summerville of thePhiladelphia Department of Commerce, Matt Cabrey of Select GreaterPhiladelphia, Heather Simmons, Gloucester County Freeholder , Tamarra Morris,Economic Development, New Castle County, and Meghan Kelly of Select GreaterPhiladelphia