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Gloucester County receives over $136,000 in state funding for Clean Communities program

(Woodbury, NJ) – Gloucester County Freeholder Director Robert M. Damminger announced today that Gloucester County is the recipient of $136,881 in NJDEP funding to continue its Clean Communities Program.  This is the fifth highest grant award amount in the state. 

Freeholder Damminger said, "Gloucester County was in the top five for grant funds again this year because our program is so successful."

Damminger said, “Through this grant funded program non-profit groups including scouts and municipal athletic organizations can earn funds by keeping an area of our community clean.   This grant goes a long way to collecting unsightly trash from our public spaces and helps keep our communities clean.”

The clean communities program helps organizations fund-raise by completing clean ups through the Adopt-A-Road and Adopt-A-Spot programs. Young adults and adults can participate in Adopt-A-Road and children in grades K-8 can Adopt-A-Spot.  Organizations must make a commitment for four clean ups of their designated space over a two-year period to receive a mini-grant of $500. 

Litter comes from pedestrians, motorists, overflowing household garbage, construction sites and uncovered trucks, and is often blown by the wind until it is trapped somewhere, as along a fence or in a ditch or gully. People tend to litter when an area is already littered, and when they do not feel a sense of ownership or community pride. In addition to being unsightly, litter unhealthy may create a negative public image.

All non-profit organizations are eligible to apply to Adopt-A-Road or Adopt-A-Spot and must show proof of their non-profit status and insurance.  Participation is limited to residents of Gloucester County; go to to download an application by clicking on the Recycling Link, or call (856) 478-6045 ext. 14.