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County launches new software for overnight parking registration in Glassboro and Pitman

(Clayton, NJ) – Every call that is received by the dispatchers at the Gloucester County Office of Emergency Management is treated as important, but now a web-based overnight parking portal will help the dispatchers be alleviated from taking calls for overnight parking.

Freeholder Director Robert M. Damminger and Freeholder Giuseppe (Joe) Chila, liaison to the Department of Public Safety, said that during the regular school year Gloucester County dispatchers can take up to 250 calls a night for overnight parking for Glassboro.  

Damminger said, "By purchasing this software product, we can allow residents of towns that require overnight parking registrations to register online and take the burden off of the dispatchers, who, quite frankly we want focused on emergency calls, not overnight parking."  Damminger said that Glassboro and Pitman are the two municipalities that require the registration.

Deputy Director Chila said, "This overnight parking portal offers residents and visitors a concise and efficient way to register their parking requests by accessing the Police Department's website directly."

The county purchased the portal for just over $11,950 per year, but expects that the wear and tear on the dispatchers will be well worth the investment.

Chila said, "On the weekends during the school year we receive as many as 250 calls a night for parking registration.  In addition to those calls the dispatchers receive as many as an additional 50 or more or normal police calls for service and this occupies several dispatchers.  We do not want our dispatchers to miss an important call because they are busy taking overnight parking calls."

The site will be effective through each municipalities website and their police departments' website beginning on June 15, 2017. 

Those wanting to register for overnight parking in Glassboro should visit and for Pitman's registration go to visit Pitman on Facebook @Borough of Pitman.