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Cemetery cleaned and landscaped thanks to county inmates

Cemetery cleaned and landscaped thanks to county inmates

(Swedesboro, NJ) -- An overgrown and unkempt cemetery that is the final resting place for about a dozen people who died as early as 1821 has received a recent sprucing up. Freeholder Dan Christy, Liaison to the Department of Corrections, Freeholder Heather Simmons and Sheriff Carmel Morina visited the cemetery today that has been cleaned and landscaped by county inmates.

Freeholder Christy said, “I am grateful that the inmates who are serving their time spent it doing something quite honorable. The people buried here deserve to rest in dignity and in peace, and due to the work of these men, the headstones are visible again and the area looks great.”

Christy said that the inmates have been working on this cemetery since February, but now they will be doing maintenance and upkeep on the property.

Sheriff Camel Morina, whose Sheriff’s Department is responsible for transporting inmates in Gloucester County, said, “When people are given something constructive to do, they can accomplish a lot for their community. The work program through the Department of Corrections helps perform improvements, like the landscaping of this cemetery, and it is positive for both the inmates and the community.”

The cemetery used to be affiliated with Ebenezer Church on Main Street in Swedesboro and people from the church used to occasionally clear the area, but that stopped about a decade ago.

Inmates who participate in the program are non-violent offenders and are supervised by Corrections Officers. Gloucester County houses its inmates at Salem County Correctional Facility, among others.

Attached are some details, including the names and dates, of those interred at the cemetery.

In attached photo: Sergeant William Glaze, Correction Officer James Jester, Sheriff Carmel Morina, Freeholder Dan Christy, Warden Eugene Caldwell and Lieutenant Steve Bajewicz - With inmates Delgado, Ballisteri and Macklin

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