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Students in Action workshop held at Rowan University

Students in Action workshop held at Rowan University 

(Glassboro, NJ) - On Monday, Jan. 22, 2018, Students in Action (SIA) held a workshop at Rowan University featuring a round table discussion with community leaders including Freeholder Jim Jefferson.

Launched in 2006 by the Jefferson Awards Foundation, SIA works to help students develop into community leaders by encouraging them to help impact their schools and the communities they live in.

The Jefferson awards foundation was launched in 1972 and encourages public service in communities to change the lives of those who participate. The foundation offers leadership skills that propel success not only in schools, but throughout life. The Jefferson Awards foundation also includes an advisory board of college and high school students who had previously been a part of the Jefferson Award's three youth programs: Lead 360, Students in Action, and Globe Changers.

Members of SIA who attended the workshop were from Gloucester County Middle schools and High Schools including students from the Clearview Regional school district.

Pictured: Maddy Legge, Mary Moraca, Ava Racabaldo, Maria Becker, Brooke Dowing, Leyla Savas, Tatianna Sweeny, Rachel Roche, Gina Freshcoln (From Clearview Regional Middle School and High School) and Freeholder Jefferson