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January recognized as Human Trafficking and Stalking Awareness month

(West Deptford, NJ) On Jan. 23 Freeholder Jim Jefferson, liaison to the Department of Health and Human Services, attended the Angels Community Outreach event for Human Trafficking Awareness. The event allowed attendees to learn the shocking facts about human trafficking and discover what they could do to bring change. 

The Angels Community Outreach, located in Pitman, provides food, clothing, toiletries and more to referred clients in need can shop at no cost. They work with churches, agencies, and shelters to gain referrals of people they can provided help to.

Freeholder Jefferson said, "Human trafficking is an overlooked issue. It is not just a problem in other countries; it is all around us and may be closer to home than many would believe."

On Jan. 24, following the Angels Community Outreach event for Human Trafficking Awareness, Freeholder Jefferson presented proclamations recognizing January as Human Trafficking & Stalking Awareness Month at the Gloucester County Violence Prevention Coalition meeting hosted at the Human Services Building.

Below: Freeholder Jefferson and The Angels Community Outreach founder Katelyn Darrow