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Red carpet event at Gateway high school

Red carpet event at Gateway high school

(Woodbury Heights, NJ) On Wednesday, Jan. 24, Freeholder Heather Simmons, Liaison to the Department of Economic Development and Public Works, spoke an event hosted by Gateway Regional High School for students and business owners promoting the Gateway 2 Careers program.

The Gateway 2 Careers program is a program that provides students with a comprehensive approach to developing career pathways, connecting learning, and making school more relevant for high school students. Gateway 2 Careers uses an integrated system of career guidance, curriculum support, early college, career and technical education, internships, and certifications and works with community organizations and businesses to provide opportunities for students to advance in their chosen career pathways.

Freeholder Simmons said, "This program allows students to prepare for the world of business and to gain a better understanding of jobs they may be interested in looking into in the future. Students are able to learn more about careers they may want to pursue, find internship opportunities at local businesses, and explore various career opportunities."

Pictured: Carol O'Connell, Director of Guidance at Gateway, Freeholder Heather Simmons and Aimee Little, Guidance.