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COUNTY LAUNCHES NEW WEBSITE Modern, Easy to Navigate, Convenient

(Woodbury) -- Freeholder Director Stephen M. Sweeney and Freeholder Bill Krebs, Liaison to Data Management, introduced Gloucester County's new website today. Reconstruction of the site was completed to create a more reader friendly website for residents, visitors and businesses interested in Gloucester County. The new website displays pictures, informative contact information and all county services and activities offered.

Freeholder Director Stephen M. Sweeney said, "We wanted to provide useful information to residents efficiently. On the new website you can learn about health and senior programs, public safety, education, veterans, recreation, business and you can even get your school closings - virtually everything that people are looking for from government is on this site. The new site even includes county forms that people used to have mailed or faxed to them, it will be so much quicker and easier for people to print off their forms at home with this new component. " Sweeney said, "There is much more information on the new site than the previous one, and we asked the department heads to focus on what people were really looking for."

"In today's world the internet is essential to communicating and this new website is a link between the residents and the county," said Freeholder Bill Krebs, liaison to Data Management. "Visually the website is very energetic and welcoming. It is easier to navigate than the old site and residents can use this new website to learn about their communities, county history, or local officials," said Krebs.

The Freeholders explained that the new website would contain more timely and seasonal information on it than the one of the past. "The department heads were responsible for helping create their sites and they are going to make sure that they keep their information on the site current with the help of Data Management," said Director Sweeney. "This is the first phase of the new website, so it is always going to be a work in progress so we keep adding the most current information we have," he said.

"We utilized our in-house talent through Data Management to create and design this site and they did an outstanding job," said Freeholder Bill Krebs. "We've added department heads' photos to the site so that people know who they are emailing with or speaking on the phone to so that people will have confidence that there is a face behind the voice or email." Krebs also noted, There is an alphabetical listing of all the county departments, links to important employment services, just about everything."

The Freeholders noted that there are two more phases planned for the website. The next phases will focus on providing more online services where residents can fill out and return forms online and do searches on Sheriff's sales. Additionally, there will be a survey/questionnaire where an Icon will appear on the bottom right corner of the Home Page. This icon will address overall site feedback relating to the following criteria: usability, accuracy and reliability, usefulness, accessibility and overall satisfaction. In the next phase of the website an icon similar to an "X" in a square which will have the word "Feedback" under it will appear on each specific service related page. When clicked, a text box will appear for entry of freeform text. This feedback is primarily for specific Department use.

The new site will allow the county to determine the number of visits by department it receives from outside of the county's network.

To visit Gloucester County's new website go to