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Woodbury: The Gloucester County Office of Consumer Protection and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission announce the recall of possible dangerous fireworks.

With the July 4th holiday fast approaching the American Promotional Events, Inc. announced a voluntary recall of about 9000 fireworks sold at Fireworks retailers, including display stands and tents in states that permit such sales. The items were sold between May and June 2005. The cost for the fireworks was approximately $20.00.

The recall is for fireworks brand name "Bat out of Hell" fireworks, model number CP1129 and "Powder House" fireworks, model number CP1130. The fireworks were made in China.

Freeholder Director Stephen M Sweeney said, "Fireworks are a great safety concern. Even though they are illegal for personal use in New Jersey, it seems every July 4th we hear of someone getting injured by fireworks and it is usually young kids."

"I hope that parents see this recall and if they have any of these fireworks, they dispose of them in the recommended manner," Sweeney said. "Many of our communities put on tremendous fireworks displays on the July 4th weekend holiday and that is the appropriate way to watch fireworks," stated the Freeholder Director.

The easiest way to return the recalled items is to call American Promotional Events directly and return them for a full refund. American Promotional Events can be reached at 800-243-1189 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. or contact their website at

Freeholder William Krebs, Liaison to the Office of Consumer Affairs and Weights and Measures added "I know that hazards like these exist, but these devices can tip over and possibly hurt someone seriously. Some people will not see this recall and they are the ones we need to reach most urgently".

If anyone has questions, or would like a copy of the recall, they can contact the County Office of Consumer Protection at 384-6855 or visit the CPSC website directly at