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RCGC students discuss gender roles in the workplace

(Sewell, NJ) – Gloucester County Freeholder Heather Simmons spoke to students at the Rowan College at Gloucester County (RCGC) Business Center during their recent Breaking Down Gender Roles event. Freeholder Simmons spoke about gender roles in the workplace, women in politics, and her own personal path to becoming a Freeholder.

The event gave students an opportunity to closely examine and discuss common gender roles found in communities and workplaces and where they stem from, as well as how to overcome them.

Freeholder Simmons, Liaison to Economic Development said, "When students see and hear from women in leadership positions they learn that gender does not have to hold them back."

Pictured: Freeholder Heather Simmons and Kristin Wilson, M.S. from Center for People in Transition at RCGC