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County offers deer removal from county and municipal roadways

(Woodbury, NJ) – Gloucester County Freeholder Director Robert M. Damminger and Freeholder Heather Simmons are reminding residents that they can contact the Gloucester County Highway Division to have deer carcasses removed from county and municipal roadways. 

Director Damminger said, "We offer this service to help maintain our roadways and remove hazards and to help local municipalities save money." 

Freeholder Heather Simmons, Liaison to the Department of Public Works said that deer carcasses will be removed within 48 hours of the time reported.   

Simmons said, “It is the time of year when we sadly see more deer that have been hit on the side of our roadways.  Last year there were 729 deer removed from county and municipal roadways.  We ask drivers to remember that deer travel in herds, and if they see one deer cross a roadway to use caution because there could be more following.”  

Deer carcasses will be removed from the right-of-way on all county and municipal roadways (not state highways, NJDOT remove the carcasses on their highways).   

To report a deer carcass, contact 856-307-6400 from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday. All other hours and weekends contact 856-589-0911. Deer carcasses will not be removed from private property.