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Freeholder Simmons speaks to Glassboro Intermediate School students

(Glassboro, NJ) On Monday, Nov. 25, Freeholder Heather Simmons, who serves as liaison to the department of Economic Development, spoke to Ms. Mary Aruffo's seventh and eighth grade students at Glassboro Intermediate School about how she became a Freeholder and what types of work she does for the county. 

Freeholder Simmons said, "It is important to teach our younger residents not only about what Freeholders do and how our county's government works, but also about how they can participate in government." 

“It is important to me that we teach girls that they can have a position in government and that it is as attainable to them as it is to their male classmates,” added Simmons. 

Pictured: Freeholder Simmons with Ms. Mary Aruffo's eighth grade class