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Division of Senior Services initiates a volunteer shopping program for senior citizens

The Division of Senior Services has launched the Senior Shoppers Program to help seniors over 60 years old receive their grocery store needs.
“It has been a struggle for many of our older, vulnerable seniors to get to the grocery store during the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Freeholder Director Robert M. Damminger. “This program will allow residents to help our seniors and give them the opportunity to take the extra precautions to stay safe and home.”
The Program is a collaborative project of the County’s Department of Health and Human Services, Division of Senior Services, the NJ Division of Aging Services and a non-profit, JerseyCares.
“This project is an amazing way to give back to our vulnerable population,” said Freeholder Jim Jefferson, liaison to the Division of Senior Services. “In difficult times, we look to the community to be at the forefront of change and demonstrate that together we can address our community’s most challenging needs.”
Seniors in Gloucester County can call the Division of Senior Services at (856) 384-6900 to provide their information and needed grocery list to a Community Service staff members. The NJ Division of Aging service partners with JerseyCares to supply Gloucester County volunteers to shop and delivery to the senior’s home.
More information is available at or by calling the Division of Senior Services at (856) 384-6900.