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South Harrison's Steward Park Gets New Entrance, Parking Lot and Tennis Courts

(South Harrison, NJ)- Gloucester County Freeholder Director Stephen M. Sweeney and South Harrison Township's Mayor James McCall announced today that South Harrison's Steward Park is receiving improvements with help from the Gloucester County Improvement Authority's Solid Waste Complex.  South Harrison is the host community to the county's Solid Waste Facility.

Freeholder Director Sweeney, liaison to the GCIA, said that the GCIA has already started moving soil at Steward Park and would be building an entrance road, a parking lot with millings from the county's Public Works Department, two detention basins, one swale, grading for tennis courts, and striping and moving soil.

"It's a big deal for the town to get this work done because they don't have all of the equipment, manpower or resources to do it in-house, and when they bid out the work it comes in way over their budget," said Freeholder Director Sweeney. 

"Mayor McCall came and asked for assistance," said Sweeney.  "As the host community to the Solid Waste Facility, the GCIA was happy to assist the residents of South Harrison with participating in this park project," Director Sweeney said.

Mayor McCall said, "South Harrison is a growing community and Steward Park is an important part of our town.  I am really grateful that Freeholder Sweeney eagerly agreed to help our residents and improve our park by utilizing resources that the Township couldnt do on its own."

"I have wanted to make these improvements to our park for a long time, and we just didn"t have the budget in our parks' trust to cover it.  Now with the county stepping in to help with the necessary base work, we will have our new courts for our kids," stated Mayor McCall.  Mayor McCall stated that in addition to the GCIA's work, a local developer will add a hockey court and two tennis courts to Steward Park.

Freeholder Director Sweeney stated, "This project fits right into the county's philosophy to promote our recreational facilities and open spaces as places for families to gather and kids to play, and we are pleased we could help."