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Gloucester County Residents Can Register Online to Receive Emergency Alerts Gloucesteralert will notify of road closings, major weather events and other important information

(Woodbury, NJ) - Gloucester County Freeholder Director Stephen M. Sweeney and Freeholder Helene M. Reed, liaison to the Office of Emergency Response, announced today that the county's new Gloucesteralert program is available for residents.

"Gloucesteralert is a great way for residents to get instant information about emergency notifications issued by the county on their email, cell phone, pda's, blackberry or pager," said Freeholder Director Stephen M. Sweeney. "Weather watches, traffic bulletins, law enforcement bulletins like amber alerts and some school closings will be issued over Gloucesteralert when residents register for the free service," Director Sweeney stated.

Freeholder Helene Reed said that any residents may log on at and follow the simple steps to choose the devices on which to be notified and the types of notifications that they choose to receive.

"We have been developing this program to provide our residents with up to the minute information regarding any emergency notifications that they are interested in receiving. We are also going to provide our local governments and school boards with the ability to utilize the system as they choose to disseminate information affecting their residents, like school closings," stated Freeholder Reed. "Right now Monroe Township is the first school district that will be utilizing the Gloucesteralert," said Reed.

The Freeholders explained that Gloucester County's Office of Emergency Response is responsible for delivering messages on the system that pertain to and that if school districts or municipalities utilize the system for announcements, they would be responsible for administering their messages, as Monroe Township Public Schools is doing.

Freeholder Director Sweeney said, "Gloucesteralert is the latest in notification technology and we are proud to provide it to our residents and encourage them to sign up and utilize it. This technology can help our residents avoid an emergency road closing avert them from sitting in traffic to notifying them about a major weather event that they might not have otherwise known of." Sweeney said, "If you are sitting in your office working, or in a meeting, or shopping you would have no way of knowing if an emergency situation in going on. But if you sign up for Gloucesteralert and your cell phone text messages you or you receive an email, you will be notified of an emergency or potential emergency," said Sweeney. "Information and preparedness is the best way to handle any emergency."

Freeholder Reed said that the early warning system's technology is provided by Roam Secure and that the county purchased the software and servers through its Homeland Security funds. The System can issue 18,000 text messages per minute and also saves a signification amount of time when sending messages to Police, Fire and EMS chiefs. The Emergency Response Team currently is utilizing Gloucesteralert.