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Items collected throughout year placed in Time Capsule to Commemorate Old Courthouse Renovations

(Woodbury, NJ) – Carrying on the tradition that was started over 100 years ago, the Gloucester County Board of Freeholders and Time Capsule Committee placed items into a Time Capsule that will be placed in the front vestibule of the Old Courthouse.  The ceremony celebrated the completion of major renovations and restoration made to the courthouse that began in 2004 stated Freeholder Director Stephen M. Sweeney.

“Today we are honored to have the opportunity to leave a message and share our culture and times with citizens of the future,” said Director Sweeney.  “It was very exciting for the county to open the time capsule of 1885 last year and view some of our history first hand and we hope that the citizens of 2106 will learn about our modern times when they open this capsule in a hundred years,” said Sweeney.

Freeholder Director Sweeney and Freeholder Deputy Director Damminger noted that the time capsule is being placed in commemoration of the restoration and improvements to the Old Courthouse that began in 2004.  The improvements included the complete renovations and modernization of the County Clerk’s Office, an exterior renovation of the Old Courthouse including repointing the building, a new slate roof, improvements to the Surrogate’s Office and new windows.

The items placed into the time capsule include today have been collected for the past year from area businesses, students and local governments.  Some of the items include:  a hammer that was used during the courthouse restoration, essays received from 400 fifth and sixth graders about their thoughts about today’s woarld and the future, letters from several municipalities, a DVD of the 1885 Time Capsule extraction from the Old Courthouse, photographs, daily newspapers, Peach and Tomato Seeds from the Master Gardeners, a ‘guest’ list of people who attended the ceremony and a letter to the future from the 2006 Freeholder Board.

Gloucester County Dedicates Time Capsule
June 6, 2006

The Freeholders said that the Committee who worked on the 1885 Time Capsule had also helped select the items that were placed in the capsule today.  Items from the 1885 Time Capsule were also on display today and the county is working on creating an educational program with them.

 “We are all in public service to make a difference in the lives of people living here today, and in the future,” said Freeholder Deputy Director Damminger.  “We are always keeping an eye on how the things we do today will affect future generations, that is why we have been so vigilant in our farmland preservation program and why we have invested in our educational facilities.  We all want to leave our communities a better place for our children’s children and when the people of 2106 open this time capsule we are optimistic that they will see how everyone today cared about their daily lives,” Damminger said.

Freeholder Director Sweeney said, “I hope that when the citizens open this time capsule in 100 years from now that there will have been cures discovered for the many diseases that affect so many people today, and that they will live in a peaceful time with opportunity for all, hunger and poverty for none, and that the natural beauty of Gloucester County is still very well in tact.”