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County Time Capsule Ceremony to be held on Tuesday, June 6th After opening the 1885 Time Capsule, the Freeholders will install a new one to be opened in 100 years

(Woodbury, NJ) – The Gloucester County Board of Freeholders will hold a ceremony to place items in the 2006 Time Capsule to commemorate the completion of the Courthouse renovations that have been taking place since 2004.  The ceremony comes a little less than a year after the opening of the 1885 time capsule found in the cornerstone of the Old Courthouse.

“Chances are that none of us will be here 100 years from now, and this Time Capsule will be our opportunity to leave behind a bit of our history and culture to share with future generations,” said Freeholder Director Sweeney.  “Finding and opening the 1885 time capsule last year was really exciting and we hope that in 2106 people are excited to open the time capsule we leave behind for them,” Sweeney stated.

The county has collected letters from many towns, as well as essays from many area school children, peach and tomato seeds from our Master Gardener’s and a hammer from the courthouse restoration project are among items that will be placed in the time capsule. 

“We are putting items in the time capsule that illustrate our commerce, like our ‘Best Of Gloucester County’ winners, and items that tell the story about the 1885 time capsule we opened last year.  The capsule will basically be a snapshot of our life today and our history,” said Sweeney.

Freeholder Deputy Director Damminger said that the coins and some of the paper artifacts that were in the 1885 time capsule would also be on display during this Tuesday’s time capsule ceremony.

“After we place the items going in the time capsule, we will be having it sealed so that each item is preserved for the future,” Damminger said.  “We won’t have to worry about paper clumping together or anything deteriorating like we saw from the 1885 time capsule because of the technology that is available today,” stated Damminger.

The ceremony will be held on Tuesday, June 6th at 12 noon in the Ceremonial Courtroom of the Old Courthouse.  The public is welcome to attend.