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Gloucester County offers this service to all municipalities to encourage shared services save tax dollars and promote uniform fire inspection reporting

(Woodbury, NJ) – As of July 1st, the Gloucester County Fire Marshal will serve as the Fire Inspector for the Borough of Swedesboro.  The Gloucester County Board of Chosen Freeholders started the Fire Inspection Service when they appointed the Gloucester County Fire Marshal as enforcing agency for the New Jersey Fire Code enabling him to act on behalf of any municipality as so requested. 

Freeholder Director Sweeney said, “This program was designed to save municipalities the funds they pay for hiring their own fire inspector and it will create a uniform and consistent method for fire inspections and reporting county-wide.”

“Reducing the size of government without reducing services, regionalizing and sharing services is a goal that our county strives to achieve.  We offer many services to our towns, like 911 dispatching and storm water management, to save taxpayers the expense of each town having to hire employees and pay benefits to provide a service, when Gloucester County can achieve the best results with the lowest cost.  Fire Inspector Service is another service we can offer, just like our county Health Department performs all of the food inspections for restaurants and institutions in every municipality,” noted Director Sweeney.

Freeholder Helene Reed said, “The Gloucester County Fire Marshal and Fire Marshal’s Office produces computerized reports in a timely fashion, and by having the county perform the fire inspection duties, taxpayers are spared from the cost of the inspector and the administrative tasks associated with fire inspections.”

“We are very pleased that Swedesboro has decided to join the county’s program and we encourage all of the towns to take advantage of this service,” Reed stated.  According to Reed, Swedesboro is the second municipality to join in the county’s Fire Inspector Service.  Newfield has already joined with the County.   Freeholder Reed is the liaison to the county’s Fire Marshal. 

The County Fire Inspection program bills according to an established fee schedule to recover operational costs of this service.