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South Jersey Power Cooperative Locks In Prices for Upcoming Winter The County led consortium purchases natural gas in bulk to achieve savings

(Woodbury, NJ) – The prices that Gloucester County will pay for natural gas this coming winter will yield in an average 11% cost reduction over last winter.  The savings is achieved as a result of the power of bulk purchasing through the South Jersey Power Cooperative (SJPC) stated Gloucester County Freeholder Director Stephen M. Sweeney. 

The SJPC consists of Gloucester, Camden, Salem and Cumberland Counties, along with school districts, municipalities and other governmental agencies.  In Gloucester County, 17 municipalities and school districts participate with the county in the SJPC.

Sweeney, who helped begin the cooperative in 1999 after the deregulation of New Jersey's electricity supply industry, said that the SJPC has shown that the power of bulk purchasing among governments has consistently led to lower than market prices for its members.

“With the instability of the prices of natural gas, it could have been an unpredictable winter for us,” said Director Sweeney.  “Participating in the SJPC saves money by achieving lower rates for our heating costs and we are able to deliver those costs to the towns and school districts that participate with us,” Sweeney stated.  “The SJPC is a classic example of the power of bulk purchasing and crossing government lines to save the taxpayers money,” the Director said.

Aside from the main Courthouse, Family Court Building and Justice Complex, the county has several other buildings to heat and power throughout the year said Freeholder Deputy Director Bob Damminger. 

Damminger said that beginning this December the county and the members of the SJPC will be paying $1.06 per therm from PSE&G and $1.07 per therm from South Jersey Gas for their natural gas.  Last year the rate was $1.31 per therm for both companies.

“Government has got to do everything it can to get its energy costs under control, especially in these volatile times,” said Damminger.  “The SJPC offers the county and the other participants the opportunity to plan their budgets with a fixed price rather than hedging about costs, and we have achieved a considerable savings over last year’s price,” Damminger said. 

In Gloucester County SJPC members include Glassboro, Newfield, Paulsboro, Swedesboro, Westville, Woodbury, East Greenwich Township, National Park, Franklin, Greenwich, Woolwich, and Monroe; and Delsea Regional High School District, Gloucester County Special Services School District, Gloucester County Vocational-Technical School District (GCIT), Kingsway Regional School District, and Logan Township School District.