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Downtown Clayton Polishing Up Facade Funding through grants has led to 18 building ‘facelifts’

(Clayton, NJ) – Gloucester County and Clayton officials cut a ribbon today at the ‘Den of Antiquity’ to mark another downtown facade project the township has completed.

The Community Development Block Grant Program (CDBG) Downtown Revitalization/
Facade Program is a federally funded program administered by the County to help towns boost economic opportunity and development throughout the town and local areas by revitalizing their downtown business district said Gloucester County Freeholder Director Stephen M. Sweeney. 

“This program has had a tremendous positive impact on downtown Clayton and it has helped business and government come together to bridge a financial gap in revitalizing their downtown, making it more attractive and bringing in new customers,” said Sweeney.  “A busy downtown is key to the success of our developed communities and the facade program helps them when neither the business owner nor the town would have the funds to revitalize these buildings,” Director Sweeney said.

Freeholder Joseph A. Brigandi Jr explained that Clayton is one of six towns that have eligible low income downtown areas and each town in the program is encouraged to establish a facade committee that administers the program. The committees or local governments are responsible for finding eligible businesses in the designated downtown areas that need facade rehabilitation. The towns handle the application process and choose what businesses depending on funding and construction cost that will go through the program. The town contracts with the business owner and the business owner then contracts with the contractor.

“Clayton has done an outstanding job in revitalizing their downtown and effectively using the facade program to fund many improvements that make the area more attractive and bring in new customers,” said Brigandi.
Clayton Façade Program
November 28, 2006

“This project, which specifically upgraded its windows, doors, hardware, siding, electrical, and portions of roof that is visible from the street, is a shining example of how business and government can work together to renew an area of commerce.  The business owners and the governing body are doing a tremendous job at focusing their resources on their downtown,” Freeholder Brigandi stated.  Brigandi is the Freeholder Liaison to the Department of Economic Development, the county agency that administers the funding for the program.

Clayton has completed 18 facade projects since 1995. They currently have several other projects that they are prepared to start i