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Gloucester County Consolidating Attorneys Merging Attorney Job Positions Saves Money and Increases Efficiencies

(Woodbury, NJ) - Gloucester County Freeholder Director Stephen Sweeney announced today that Gloucester County will be consolidating attorney job positions within the county government.  Eight part-time attorney job positions will be merged into three full-time positions saving the County $20,000 annually.  The consolidation is expected to increase efficiencies by providing a more centralized, steady approach to the legal matters of the County government.
“This administrative move saves money in salary and benefit costs, creates the potential to capture higher federal reimbursement rates, and enhances service levels to County government.” said Director Sweeney about the administrative move that will take place in January 2007.

This is not the first time the County has restructured legal counsel.  In January of 2005, the County successfully saved $39,500 annually by merging five part-time attorney positions into one and a half positions, creating a County Counsel Office.  The vast majority of legal services for County government is provided through this office and has increased in demand for such legal services as the county has proactively taken on more regionalized issues.  This includes regionalized municipal courts, regionalized EMS, regionalized economic development issues and regionalized medical examiner services.

“The County Counsel Office is a centralized resource for legal matters.  The 2005 move has provided consistency in services and expertise that would not otherwise be achieved, proving that such a move makes good sense. As with the first move, we expect this consolidation to provide greater efficiency in the handling of the County’s legal matters,” said Director Sweeney.

In January, 2007 the County will be merging Social Services within the county government and will consolidate even more part-time attorney positions within the County.  The eight part-time attorney positions that will be consolidated include four from the Gloucester County Social Services, one each from the Sheriff’s Department, the Community Development Block Grant program, the County Clerk’s Office, and the Surrogate’s Office. 

“With this consolidation, these areas will be better served by full-time attorneys dedicated solely to the needs of the County,” said Director Sweeney.

The three full-time attorneys that will be appointed by the Freeholders will be Thomas G. Campo (Assistant to Chief Counsel Sam Leone), Anthony J. Fiola (Full-time Social Services), and Matthew P. Lyons (Full-time Social Services).