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New Operators Selected for Restaurant at Pitman Golf Course Bogey’s Café & Club will be ready for 2007 Golfing Season

(Woodbury, NJ) – Gloucester County Freeholders voted to approve a contract between the County of Gloucester and Bogey’s Café & Club, LLC for the complete food, beverage, refreshment and catering concession service at the Pitman Golf Course facilities at their annual year-end Freeholder meeting today.

“The county is very pleased to have this agreement in place for 2007.  The new operators will be able to offer a full compliment of services at the County’s Pitman Golf Course, utilize the GCIT students and bring added revenue into the county,” said Freeholder Director Stephen M. Sweeney. 

Sweeney said, “The Pitman Golf Course has been recognized as one of the finest places to play, and the county has made significant improvements to the course and by building the new clubhouse.  We look forward to a good relationship with the new operator and the golfers and customers who visit the facility will be pleased with the added services they can receive while at the course.”

The provisions of the 3 year contract includes that new operators will pay Gloucester County $1,000 a month to operate the concession service at the course and a percentage of their gross receipts.  They will also hire students from the GCIT School-Career-Program to continue to work at the concessions.

Freeholder Frank DiMarco, liaison to the County Golf Course, said there will be more opportunity for the county to capture revenue under this new agreement. 

“Many organizations hold their golf-outings at our course during the day but have held their dinners at other locations in the evenings,” DiMarco said.  The new operators of the concessions are in the process of applying for their liquor license from the Division of Alcohol Beverage Control. 

Bogey’s Club & Café
December 28, 2006

“Once the new vendor is up and running they will be able to offer services we haven’t in the past two years and we will be able to keep a lot more business at the course,” DiMarco said.

The new operators have over 20 years experience in the food and beverage industry and are residents of the county.  They plan on offering breakfast, lunch and dinner, entertainment, full banquet services in the outside venue and a snack stand on the course. 
“The GCIT students and teachers have been wonderful at the restaurant and we will continue to maintain a relationship with them when the new operators get underway,” said Freeholder DiMarco.  “The county built this clubhouse for full service and we need to utilize it for full service – it’s what the golfers and customers are looking for,” the Freeholder said.

The contract is subject to the vendor obtaining their license from the Division of Alcohol Beverage Control.  The new operator was selected as a result of a Request for Proposal (RFP) process and could begin operating in March of this year.