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County Turns On New Traffic Light in Swedesboro

(Swedesboro, NJ) – Gloucester County and Swedesboro officials activated a new traffic light in Swedesboro today at the intersection of Kings Highway, County Routes 551 and 605, Auburn Road, County Route 551 and Lake Avenue, County Route 694. The intersection is adjacent to the Swedesboro Borough Hall. 

Freeholder Director Stephen M. Sweeney said, “The intersection serves approximately 1600 vehicles per hour during the highest peak period. Traffic volumes have been steadily increasing; due to the growth in the region.” Rapidly growing Woolwich Township surrounds the Borough of Swedesboro and most of traffic in the region must pass through this intersection.

“I know that Mayor Fromm was anxious to get this traffic signal working and we are glad we could get it up and running today. This will address safety and capacity conditions at four heavily traveled county roadways,” Director Sweeney stated.

Freeholder Deputy Director Bob Damminger said that the signal is second to be installed in Swedesboro, the first being the intersection of Kings Highway, County Route 551 and Glen Echo Avenue, County Route 538 which was installed in December of 2005. 

“It’s going to be a much safer intersection now,” said Freeholder Damminger. “The county has worked with Swedesboro and this intersection has recently been reconfigured as part of a County resurfacing project and a Borough Downtown Revitalization project. Both projects were constructed and designed with the intent of this future signal installation,” said Damminger.

The project cost approximately $190,000 with most of the construction cost differed through State Department of Transportation aid funds. The contractor is Lucas Electrical Company based in Hightstown NJ.