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County Consumer Protection Reports Toy Task Force

Woodbury – The Gloucester County Division of Consumer Protection has completed their two-tiered ‘Toy Task Force’ that involved investigators from both the Consumer Affairs and Weights and Measures units. Freeholder Director Stephen M. Sweeney and Freeholder Giuseppe (Joe) Chila said that over the past week the two county offices were out inspecting stores that sell toys to make sure that toys were properly priced and toys that had been recalled toys due to high levels of lead weren’t being sold. 

“One of the most important aspects of this task force was to make sure recalled toys due to high levels of lead did not find their way into children’s hands this holiday season,” said Freeholder Director Stephen Sweeney. “The inspections found that none of the stores inspected had recalled toys on their shelves and those businesses in the county practice good consumer relations,” said Sweeney.

The Toy Task Force inspected twenty-seven stores throughout the county which sell toys, including Target, K-Mart, Big-Lots, most discount stores, and any store that may have carried the recalled items.

“We realized that consumers are concerned about the recalled toys this year, so we felt it was important to get out there and get this investigation completed in time for the holiday shopping rush,” Freeholder Chila added. “Even though it was a big effort, we are happy to report there were no issues of recalled toys being sold at the stores that were inspected,” Chila said.

Freeholder Chila advised shoppers to call the Division of Consumer Protection at 856-384-6855, if they have questions about recalled toys or if they are concerned a store is selling an item that has been recalled.